What are consultation services with an appraiser?


Consultations with a chartered appraiser are used to obtain a real estate market or feasibility report. PCGC specializes in residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

The appraiser will provide you with an objective report that reflects your sector or your property’s stakes and issues. For example, price ratios per square foot (residential), price ratios per door (rental), market shares according to the type of building, real estate and socio-demographic profiles, and more.

The appraiser can advise you on the profitability of a real estate project and can provide you with strategies for getting it off the ground. They can also provide you with accurate forecasts such as construction costs.

Why consult a chartered appraiser?


Our chartered appraisers hold a university degree and are members of the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec. They are subject to regular inspections of their practice and they possess unique skills and knowledge.

Their primary mission is to guide you in making justified and profitable business decisions.

Consulting an appraiser can help with projects such as:

  • New construction and land purchases
  • Real estate marketing and geomarketing
  • Land and property development
  • Real estate planning
  • Taxation
  • Transport projects, town planning
  • Regulatory changes

What does an appraiser actually do in a consultation?


The appraiser will first meet with you to collect essential information about your real estate project and your goals.

They will then conduct specific research to define the current state of the market and the feasibility of your project.

Finally, they will provide you with a report that contains all the necessary information so that you can achieve the best results.