What is service in collaboration?


Our appraisers can assist you with planning and executing your estate project from start to finish. Our areas of expertise include :

  • Building inspection
  • Financing with our banking references
  • Construction
  • Environmental assessment
  • Valuation of real estate assets
  • Consulting

Our services in collaboration are for :

  • Real estate developers
  • General contractors
  • Companies owning or wanting to own real estate assets
  • Project managers

Why use our services in collaboration?


With over 25 years of experience in the field, PCGC has built a strong network of specialists in various fields. This allows us to take advantage of unique business opportunities.

In order to make every project a success, we work with reputed experts in the fields of construction, inspection, evaluation and more.

Our mission is to execute your project with the highest quality standards while complying with applicable laws and regulations.

What does an appraiser actually do when offering collaboration services?


Your chartered appraiser will meet with you first to know more about your project and your goals. In the case of a complete takeover, they will serve as your general manager in the execution of your project.

The appraiser will be responsible for producing clear and structured reports, contacting field experts to ensure the project is a success. They play a key role in your real estate team until your project is final and complete.