What is property valuation?


Whether it’s to optimize your real estate assets or solve conflicts, our property valuation services provide you with valuable advice from chartered appraisers. Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Expropriation
  • Negotiation of rental leases
  • Land conversion, repositioning
  • Negotiation in the context of purchase and sale
  • Negotiation of easements
  • Rights and taxation
  • Rights of way
  • Real estate management

Why use property valuation services?


Our property valuation services allow you to lawfully start, maintain or grow your real estate business.

Our appraisers can also act as your mediators in situations of conflict, litigation and negotiation. They ensure that your project complies with the regulations and laws in accordance with the standards of practice dictated by the Ordre des Évaluateurs Agréés du Québec.

What does an appraiser actually do when offerting property valuation services?


Property valuation cuts across many facets of real estate, from property management to business negotiation, urban planning and project management.

The appraiser will initially meet with you to know your goals and to create an action plan.

The appraiser will then conduct research and will provide you with a detailed valuation report. You can then refer to this report to start or carry on your project in due course.