What is evaluation of real estate assets?


The evaluation of real estate assets is carried out by a chartered appraiser and provides information on the market value of a property. This service is used for buying, selling, renovating or simply to know the valuation of an asset at any given time.

PCGC chartered appraisers are experienced and trained in the residential, commercial and industrial fields. Their areas of expertise include multi-residential properties, including divided and undivided co-ownerships along with the valuation of bulk or subdivided land.

Our chartered appraisers’ expertise is known for :

  • Mortgages, private loans and financing
  • Business real estate
  • Homestead
  • Divorce, succession or dissolution of a company
  • Insurance
  • Taxation
  • Verification or contestation of a municipal property assessment
  • Expropriation     

What does an appraiser actually do?


Real estate is a high-value market that can evolve unpredictably. For this reason, the market value of any property is determined at a specific date and time.

The appraiser produces an objective report that will serve as a crucial decision-making tool for their client. Whether it is for buying, selling, renting or any other real estate transaction, evaluating the asset is the first step in any real estate transaction.

What does an appraiser actually do?


The appraiser’s job is to produce a valuation report. To do so, they first go to the property to observe certain criteria.

They will take note of the size of the building, the maintenance of the property, the use of the land and the building materials. Their report will also take into account aging or improvements of the property. They will also need to collect documentation such as tax accounts, certificate of location, leases and other financial statements.

The appraiser will then conduct a methodical analysis of the neighbourhood and will look at the comparable properties recently sold in the area. They will also take into consideration nearby stores and services.

Finally, the appraiser consolidates the information collected to determine the most probable market value of the property in its current condition, or its potential value after your renovation work.