Our Team

Our team consists of 20 highly experienced employees with a diverse range of specialties. Our professionals are members of OEAQ and AIC. Their analyses, based on both their knowledge and acute judgment, deliver clear and structured reports. PCG Carmon uses efficient technology to ensure a professional product is delivered on time.

François Picard, B.A.A., É.A.

Certified Appraiser, Founding Partner, OEAQ Member

Founding partner with over 30 years of experience, he works in the fields of expropriation, right of ways, financing, mortgage takeovers, litigation, sharing, taxation, insurance, market research and repositioning.

514 365-6664 ext 204

Simon Beauchemin, B.A.A., É.A.

Certified Appraiser, Partner, OEAQ Administrator, OEAQ Member

Real estate consultant. He offers a multidisciplinary expertise in residential, commercial, and industrial properties for tax purposes, mortgage, financing, condominiums studies, and evaluation for insurance purposes.

514 365-6664 ext 205