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PCG Carmon - Real Estate Appraisers

PCG Carmon, an industry leader for more than 20 years, brings together independent certified appraisers to offer you an array of real estate services. Our mission is to offer superior service based on professionalism, specialized skills, and the expertise of our staff in keeping with our excellent reputation.


Our range of services include appraisals of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional real estate for the purposes of financing, expropriation, relocation, insurance, acquisition and disposition, sharing, litigation and municipal assesment review. Our expertise includes real estate valuation in cases of litigation related to property rights and municipal assessment disputes. We also specialize in the evaluation of various types of equipment.


PCG CARMON has evolved overtime past 30 years. Through the collaboration of chartered appraisers who wanted to establish a service agency real estate evaluation. Renowned for its high standards and integrity, our company retains only partners whose professionalism reflects our values and whose vision is progressive and scrupulous.


Ordre des Évaluateurs Agréés (Order of Certified Appraisers of Quebec), Ordre technologues professionnels (Order of Technological Professionals of Quebec), C.A.A Quebec, Appraisal Institute of Canada.

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ordre technologues professionnels
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