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Our Team

A professional, experienced, and dynamic team that knows how to meet your needs in the field of real estate appraisals.

François Picard, B.A.A., É.A.

Certified Appraiser, Founding Partner, OEAQ Member

François Guertin, B.A.A., É.A.

Certified appraiser, Partner, OEAQ Member

Normand Robert


Simon Beauchemin, B.A.A., É.A.

Certified Appraiser, Partner, OEAQ Administrator, OEAQ Member

Nicolas St-Cyr, B.A.A., É.A.

Certified Appraiser, Partner, OEAQ Member

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Our Services

Professional assessments of real estate and equipment for the purposes of financing, insurance, litigation, sharing, expropriation, relocation, acquisition-disposition, etc. ...

Evaluation of Real Estate Assets

Property Valuation


Service in Collaboration

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Our clients, our priority

We take great pride in treating our clients as equals, because they all deserve the same exceptional service.
That is why they have been placing their trust in us for more than 20 years.